Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wind Power Comes To Local Nursery in Hyannis MA

Windmills are popping up everywhere. I went to get some plants this weekend and this is what I saw. A huge wind turbine.

I actually passed by two new wind mills on this day.

Memorial Day weekend may not be the best time to go to a nursery because of crowds, but the best selection of available plants can be had.

I love going to the nursery. If I had the space I would buy a flat of every vegetable. Places like this are were we ask questions. Every time I go to garden store I look for employees to milk for information.

People in the gardening industry appear to be taking the lead in the Eco economy. Wind Turbines like the one at this nursery are a huge investment, but the pay off is huge for all of us. I'm looking for a small wind turbine for the garden for watering. We'll see.

The more you grow the more self sestained we become.

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