Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting Carrots, Raddishes and Root Vegetables to Grow

Getting root vegetables to grow to there potential can be difficult. Have you tried to grow carrots but they only grow to a stub or a inch or two? I have!
After years of frustration when growing carrots I finally tried amending each garden row. After the garden has been tilled and ready to plant do it again for each row. As I get my garden layout ready I throw a couple shovel fulls of peat moss over each row and work it in. Then I grade the row mixing the peat in. Then make a strait furrow and plant the root vegetable seed.
When growing root vegetables it is a good idea to over seed. Then thin the plants to 2 inches apart. As I said in previous post gardeners can use multiple crops in a single row. If you do you can let the plants grow a little longer to see how fast each is growing. That way you may get some lettuce or onions as babies. Baby lettuce is good eating. They don't usually make it into the house before being eaten.

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