Saturday, June 6, 2009

Harnesting Wind Power At Any Business

Turbines are showing up all over. This one is located at Pecks Boats in Marstons Mill MA on Cape Cod.
Most of my friends haven't even noticed this home made energy system. It blends in with the sky doesn't it.
I'm on a quest to find some kind of wind or solar power for my home.
Cape Cod could become a leader in wind technology, but as in most cases people protest anything. Cape Wind has been trying to build a wind farm for years of Cape Cod. The only people who are complaining are those who have houses on the water. These people obviously don't need to worry about there electric bills.
We are behind Cape Wind building a wind farm so long as middle class people get some kind of benefit

Monday, June 1, 2009

Starting seeds in The Aero Garden Hydroponics System

Did you get a Aero Garden as a gift last Christmas. If you didnt you need to buy one. I bought one for my brother and parents. These mini hydroponics system produced all winter.

My Parents grew lettuce and herbs and my brother grew tomatoes. As they harvested and used the seeds I dropped a hint that I could use this thing to start seeds. It worked I will be starting plants with the Areo Garden. I'm gong to start hot peppers. They won't need to be in the ground until July.

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